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+$100 quarterly provider fee (one on one access to provider for education/dosing adjustments) *Ask about our concierge injection services.

3-Month Supply Tirzepatide

Getting 3-Months supply at a time allows for Significant Discounts (over $150 Savings) compared to Month to Month. Your Provider can prescribe all 3 months at one time (this can be the Same Strength or can be a Step-Wise increase of Tirzepatide). Adding up the price of Each vial will get your 3-Month Pricing.The 3-Month Membership (3@Once) must be paid up front prior to the shipment of your prescription. Compare pricing before your visit with your Provider**Most clients prefer 3-month option

Month to Month (Mo2Mo) Tirzepatide

Wanting to pay Month to Month or just want to try Tirzepatide before deciding if you want to continue with this medication? Your Provider can prescribe 1 Month at a time. Compare Pricing before your visit with your Provider